Inernational development and me

So I have had a long interest and passion for development issues but I had no idea that I did until I started my first year of university in the international development and global studies program at the University of Ottawa. From the time I was a young girl the concept that equality was only a luxury confused me and so I developed a desire to educate others that this ridiculous state of existence was in fact a reality. I didn't always understand the finer points of these issues but they seriously concerned me. Luckily into my adulthood my passion remained unshaken. Don't get me wrong as any international development worker or student will tell you, your lying if you say you never felt hopeless about development projects, disgusted with the whole field at times, and even ashamed of past failures. I had these moments but never once did I think that discussion, awareness and education weren't necessary.

I began his blog to encourage sharing of ideas and, yes I acknowledge to fulfill my own need to share my thoughts on many of these issues. I will focus on areas on which I have some academic experience but hope to also continue to learn and share more as I go.


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