Covid: Year in Review

 What a strange nearly 12 months it has been since my last update. (I do hope to post more frequently). Upon reflection from my last post my 3 major points are worth reflecting on:

1. We are really bad at judging ourselves honestly, so you should assume you are doing better than you think.

This proved very true for many of us during the Covid year. I managed to sell my home, a little condo in Ottawa and secured enough funds to maintain myself as I explore fundraising consultancy. My current contract was renewed, so I can continue to contribute to a cause I am passionate about, while developing incredible skills. I am also very thankful and aware that these realities are only possible as a result of my many privileges. This year has been incredibly difficult for many communities, from small local business to increasing global poverty and those of us who have been able to stabilize ourselves in these difficult times do owe support to those who may be struggling.  

2. You never have to do something perfectly, progress is messy and sometimes not even in the direction in which we put our effort in the first place, but comes around because we took a step in any direction.

I feel that this entire year has been a lot of this - Messy Progress! On a personal level I am increasingly finding my feet professionally but also relationships have evolved a lot this year, from significant others to family and friends there are more strains and tests on bonds as well as whole new ways to connect. And I am certain that following these events, a shared experience will bond entire generations. That being said messy progress toward containing Covid has added to the stress of so many while also bringing society face to face with itself on many issues. Race, climate change, poverty, so many social concerns have been exacerbated by Covid, and like with personal relationships the norms are being strained and in some cases broken down. As a new reality emerges our societies will have to rebuild, hopefully in more inclusive, sustainable ways.  

3. Change is never good or bad, but it is absolutely constant. It might be the only constant.

I think whenever we stop to reflect on this idea it just becomes further cemented. While where we are today may look similar to where we were so much has changed for individuals, for society and even more change is coming...


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