International Women's Day

Nearly one year ago our reality shifted dramatically. Individuals like myself, who through privilege, luck, and an incredible network of support, weathered the storm with a lot of comforts, cannot deny that sometimes just existing in the midst of a crisis can be its own struggle. For so many others this was a year of immense and immeasurable loss, losses we may not fully comprehend for several years.

Today, International Women's Day, a full twelve months into this crisis, seems like a very important day to mark the struggles that women and especially intersectional women have born during these unprecedented times. From job loss to burnout to the burden of care and invisible work, so often this past year it has been women, most especially in racialized and impoverished communities, who have been hardest hit by the turbulence of Covid-19. 

More than ever it is essential this March to mark these losses and burdens and strive, as we rebuild, to consider the gendered lived reality of our societies. 


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